Seven times when water isn’t enough

The hustle and bustle of life can feel overwhelming. Work deadlines, demanding bosses, rush-hour commutes, business trips, in-laws to visit, and weddings to attend, all while trying to fit in a bit of exercise to stay in shape.

When our schedules get hectic it is all the more important to look after ourselves and our bodies to keep performance levels up and avoid burn-out.

Keeping hydrated is essential.

Water is not the only part of the solution. We also need electrolytes like sodium and potassium, in addition to simple sugars like glucose in order to keep our bodies in balance.

Usually, we get these from the food that we eat. But when we are dehydrated a faster-acting solution can be more effective.

This is where O.R.S. Hydration Tablets come in. They enable our bodies to absorb fluids much faster than plain drinking water by effectively replenishing our electrolyte supply.

Here are some instances when water isn’t enough.

After working out

A mere 2% reduction in fluids can result in a 10-20% fall in performance levels. That’s certainly a reminder to drink some water before working out. In the aftermath of a lengthy session, it’s also worth replenishing the body’s electrolytes as athletes can sweat out as much as three litres in an hour. So, better drop, dissolve, drink!

Are you an aspiring Bradley Wiggins, or Geraint Thomas?

With summer here, and more of us being advised to ride to work, you might be tempted to get the Lycra out and hit the road. If you’re heading out on the bike, make sure to take some O.R.S. Water alone can further dilute your electrolyte balance so it’s important to replenish electrolytes as well as fluids.

Beach bods at the ready

The arrival of summer ordinarily results in hordes of sun-starved Brits descending on parks and beaches across the land. If you, or one of your friends, spends too long in the sun and appears to be exhibiting signs of heat exhaustion or heat stroke then rehydrating is vitally important.

Avoid that festival drama

Woken up in the middle of a muddied field, with blurry eyes, nauseous, and can’t remember what your tent looks like? Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. When the big festivals return (yes, we’re dreaming) make sure you pack a tube of O.R.S. Hydration Tablets. You’ll thank us when you need to replace the salt, glucose and potassium you’ve lost from over indulging in those expensive pints of cider.

What did I eat last night?

Regret ordering that Vindaloo last night? Feeling drained in more way than one? Electrolyte drinks can prove a more effective solution than water when it comes to counter-acting dehydration as they speed up the absorption of fluids into the bloodstream.

Backpacking life

When travelling off the beaten track we always advise you to take O.R.S. to mitigate against the risk of dehydrating illnesses brought about drinking, or consuming food cooked with, contaminated water. It’s especially important if you’re setting off for a long day in hot conditions.

Catching the red-eye

Jet-lag is no fun: who doesn’t want to avoid the nausea, lethargy, sluggishness, and headaches associated with it? While jet-lag may be unavoidable for many, it is often made worse by dehydration. Humidity levels in aeroplanes are far lower than on the ground, while surveys have also found that passengers tend to drink less water while in the air, often preferring a beer or coffee, both of which hasten dehydration. Dropping a couple of O.R.S. Hydration Tablets into the equation, either before, during, or post-flight could help alleviate the situation.