Spurs Nutritionist explains O.R.S benefits


Even the slightest drop in hydration status can make exercise so much. It's vital we all stay hydrated - especially athletes. 

When we work out, it’s not just plain fluid we lose, we also sweat out essential electrolytes that control your bodies water balance and hydration levels. These electrolytes are involved in many chemical reactions that are vital for top performance.

A football player performing for 90 mins can sweat out 6-10% of their body mass... even sweating out 2.5% can lead to a 45% reduction in performance output

And it's not just physical - your brain is about 85% water -
so even mild dehydration can bring on a decline in your concentration and alertness

Sometimes water isn't enough, with just water alone, you’ll need to drink 16 ml’ of fluid for every pound you’ve lost through sweat. By adding the right mix of electrolytes, you can impact your bodies absorption of water through a process called electrolyte driven osmosis. Allowing you to increase how much water you absorb and how fast you absorb it.

 That's why at Spurs we use O.R.S Hydration before, during and after training or during a game... Packed full of electrolytes to replenish the stores you've lost - meaning you can rehydrate 3 times faster and our guys can perform to their max and recover quickly so they’re ready to go again.