Essential Tips To Kickstart Your Fitness Journey In 2024

It’s the start of a new year, and many of us will have made resolutions to improve our health and fitness. This may mean joining a gym or taking up running, and also optimising our nutritional intake..If you are not used to taking regular exercise, settling into a new routine can be a daunting prospect. Here are some tips to help you on your fitness journey. 

Take small steps

A lot of people end up abandoning their good intentions because they set themselves over-ambitious goals, such as running a marathon in six months’ time or losing a stone in two months. Instead, focus on taking small daily steps that are realistic and achievable. Write down your goals for the week, rather than six or twelve months down the road.

Writing down a weekly timetable and what you want to achieve by the end of it can help to take the resolution out of your head and make it tangible. Pin it somewhere visible and tick off your small daily goals to help keep yourself motivated and accountable.

Don’t underestimate the importance of hydration

Many newcomers to exercise wait until they are feeling exhausted and parched after a workout before they reach for a drink. However, thirst is already a sign that you are dehydrated. It’s best to optimise your hydration levels two hours before you take exercise because this will ensure that you perform at your best.

During the workout, you will not only lose moisture through sweat, but also essential minerals. These can take a long time to replace naturally, so consider adding an ORS electrolyte tablet to your water. The tablets contain sodium, potassium and magnesium that are absorbed through your intestines and travel to replenish depleted cells in the body.

Vary your workouts

The key to sticking with an exercise routine is to make sure that you enjoy it. It can get boring to repeat the same routine every time, and is also not the best way to train your body as it needs to be continually challenged with different movements. Try a mixture of fitness classes, cardio such as running or swimming, and weight and resistance training.

Find a workout buddy

Working out with a friend, a club or a group class can help to keep you motivated and accountable to your goals. It can also be a great way to make exercise enjoyable and to meet new people who can be a source of inspiration and encouragement.

Take care of yourself

Make sure you look after yourself properly and take time to warm up and cool down before and after each exercise session. This helps to lower the risk of injuries and means that you will be physically and mentally prepared for the workout.