Why O.R.S Hydration Tablets are the perfect addition to any workout

Why O.R.S Hydration Tablets are the perfect addition to any workout.

O.R.S is a natural electrolyte which uses science to accurately provide athletes with electrolytes, minerals and vitamins which are lost during exercise.

There’s a reason why we’re used by multiple professional sports teams throughout the world. From Tottenham Hotspur to La Dolfina Polo Club.

But we are not only there to support top performing athletes, but we are also there for your yoga sessions, lunchtime lockdown jogs and Zoom Pilates classes.

Hydration is key component to a great workout, but it’s no secret that water isn’t always enough and drinking 2/3 glasses of water can be tough. ORS is designed to make the water that you drink count for more, meaning that you rapidly absorb 2/3 times more than drinking water alone.

Why is Hydration so important during sport and exercise?

During exercise body fluid (which contains electrolytes, salts and minerals) is lost through sweat at a quicker rate. If fluids are not replaced, you may experience changes such as:

Body temperature will increase.

Physical fatigue happens faster.

Muscles and tendon sore.

Loss of lucidity, vigilance.

Keeping hydrated before, during and after a workout is essential to give you enough water to perform your work-out well, and more importantly replenish what you have lost in the process.

How do O.R.S Hydration tablets replenish what you have lost?

O.R.S Hydration Tablets brings hydration levels back into balance by replenishing:








Reduced hydration levels result in loss in fluids and vital components. During this state very little sodium is absorbed, causing low sodium levels within the body. Sodium is absorbed better in the presence of glucose and electrolytes. O.R.S Provides correct mixture of glucose electrolytes and salts to help sodium absorption. Sodium absorption encourages water absorption, therefore O.R.S helps to hydrate you efficiently.

O.R.S is batch tested and certified by Informed Sport, ensuring every tablet of ORS is created to the highest quality.

Next time you head out on your bike, throw some ORS in your water bottle, the results just might surprise you. Perfect for pre, post- or even during your workout routine.

Want to know more about the science behind O.R.S Hydration Tablets?

Watch our video linked here.