O.R.S Hydration Tablets Keeping Britain Hydrated in The Heatwave

With record-breaking temperatures expected to surpass 40 degrees Celsius, O.R.S Hydration has announced plans to hydrate as many people as possible.

“We want as many Brits as possible to stay hydrated in the heatwave,” Clinova co-founder Arsalan Karim said on Monday.

As the Met Office issues a red warning for the region from London to Manchester, Brits face an increased risk of heatstroke, symptoms of which include confusion, not sweating despite feeling hot, high temperature (usually over 40 degrees), drowsiness and – in severe cases – seizures.

Each soluble O.R.S Hydration Tablet contains glucose, electrolytes and essential minerals which replenish the body’s hydration stores and help maintain a proper fluid balance throughout the day. 

The tablets are available in three flavours: Lemon, Strawberry and Blackcurrant. The logistics are further complicated by regional preferences: people in the North of England prefer Strawberry tablets, those in the South prefer Lemon and those in the West of England prefer Blackcurrant. The three cities in which the product is most popular are Dublin, Glasgow and Dubai. Emirates airline has made the product available for purchase on board all its flights to help passengers maintain their hydration levels. 

 Clinova has also announced a new delivery channel for Brits to purchase O.R.S through its faster search engine, Caidr. Recent updates to Clinova’s breakthrough self-care health search engine include home delivery for purchases made in Caidr’s online shop. The product is also offered by Amazon, Boots and all good pharmacies. 

“With everyone at an increased risk of heat stroke and other ailments caused by reduced hydration levels, we’re happy to announce that Caidr and O.R.S can keep you hydrated in testing, hot conditions,” said Karim.